Fixture Tester iOS

Fixture Tester iOS

Fixture Tester iPhone OS is an application to test all the fixtures on the network using Art-Net or sACN in 4 steps:

1 Patch - Make a patch (or import a patch from ELC’s dmXLAN) and select all the fixtures you need to test, one type of fixture at a time.

2 Macro - Run a macro (For instance Lamp Strike)

3 Address Test - Press start. All the selected fixtures will go to their home position, one by one. In this way you easily can detect faulty dmx addresses. The correct address and universe is displayed for the current fixture and there are buttons present for pausing and stopping the test, as well as next and previous (when Paused).

4 Parameter Test - All selected fixtures go to their home position. When the test is started, all parameters will be run one by one to their maximum and back. The speed is adjustable. There are options to skip, adjust and repeat a parameter. The window shows the current tested parameter and its value. Again there is the possibility to pause or stop the test. An option “limit” can be set in de library to limit the maximum value for a parameter (Martin uses a combined shutter / control channel and you don’t want your fixture to reset while testing etc.).


  1. -Unlimited number of fixtures

  2. -Fixture Groups

  3. -Shake to deselect all fixtures

  4. -Warning if you are not connected to a WiFi network

  5. -Includes an extended fixture library

  6. -Available for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

  7. -With the FileUploader App (see below), dmXLAN patchfiles and custom fixture libraries can be downloaded in the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

  8. -Testing is almost automatic

  9. -If you have questions or you would like to see some fixtures added to the library, please email me at: